This most sought after gemstone is available in
a range of red hues, from purplish and bluish
red to orangish red. Ruby is readily available in
sizes up to 2 carats, but larger sizes can be
obtained. However, in its finest quality, any size
Ruby can be scare. In readily available small
sizes, Ruby makes an excellent accent
gemstone because of its intense, pure red color.
been mined there since ancient times. Other
sources include Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,
Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Afghanistan and
India. Ruby is known as the "Lord of the Gems"
because of its rarity and beauty. Derived from the
Latin word "ruber", it simply means red.
  Its brilliant colors has been associated with
  passion and love, making Ruby an ideal  
  choice for an engagement ring. Ruby is the
  red variety of the corundum mineral species,
  while all other colors of corundum are called
 Ruby: Celebrated in the Bible and in ancient
Sanskrit writings as the most precious of all
gemstones, to this day, no red gemstone can
compare to its fiery,     rich hues.
  Ruby is the accepted birthstone for July.