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Sapphires also come in virtually any color, excluding
medium to dark red (which would be ruby). These less
common colors are known as fancy sapphires. Pink
Sapphire gets its red coloring from small amounts of
chromium. While colored Sapphires owe their colors to
varying chemical combinations, White Sapphires are
pure corundum and therefore colorless. Compared to
the cost of blue sapphire and ruby, these stones offer
excellent value and real beauty.
Sapphire is found in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand,
Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir, Australia,
Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Madascar, China and the
Sapphire shares this quality with its sister, the Ruby.
Red corundum  is Ruby
 all other   members of this
mineral species are called Sapphire.
Sapphire: beloved for centuries as the ultimate blue
Sapphire is the accepted birthstone for September.